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The Faerie Folk - Folklore, Myths and Legends from the U.K

Aug 1, 2021

In this month’s episode we will be exploring the spooky tale of a cursed skull that wreaked havoc upon a group of railway workers over in Coombs Moss. Then, the fantastical story of two magicians-in-training, who defied their master and dared to take a look inside his very precious - and very powerful - spellbook.

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The music featured in today's episode is 'Galway' by Kevin MacLeod



*Though the travel information in this podcast was correct at the time of posting, things do change over time so please make sure to research your routes before travelling and adhere to any local guidelines once there.

(Apologies if my voice sounds a bit off in this episode, my hayfever got the better of me once again!)