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The Faerie Folk - Folklore, Myths and Legends from the U.K

Mar 1, 2020

Today we’re traveling to Devon, the county known for its cream teas, scrumpy… and ghostly apparitions. The Hairy Hands are one of Dartmoor’s most famous legends, but what exactly are they - and who do they belong to? We also travel to Buckfastleigh to meet Squire Cabell, the ‘monstrously evil man’ and his hellish hounds that haunt the Devonshire countryside.

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*December 2020 Update*: Travel between United Kingdom locations is currently discouraged due to COVID-19 restrictions. The travel information provided in this podcast is designed as a guide for future travel plans once restrictions have eased. If you are planning on travelling, please check the information provided by local authorities beforehand and adhere to local guidelines once there. You can find more information here:

*Since making this episode I have come across new information in regards to the Hairy Hands case. It was actually Theo Brown’s mother who saw the Hairy Hands spectre, rather than her - apologies for the mix-up. (Perhaps this is an excuse to visit this case again soon!)