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The Faerie Folk - Folklore, Myths and Legends from the U.K

Jul 1, 2020

Are you ready for another Faerie Folk adventure? Today's journey takes us to The North York Moors where we learn all about the household spirit known as a Hob, that might secretly help out with some of your day-to-day chores - but only if you stay on its good side. We also take a trip down to the beach, to discover the legend of the Skinningrove merman and find out whether the 'man from the sea' was all that he seemed.

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Galway by Kevin MacLeod



*December 2020 Update*: Travel between United Kingdom locations is currently discouraged due to COVID-19 restrictions. The travel information provided in this podcast is designed as a guide for future travel plans once restrictions have eased. If you are planning on travelling, please check the information provided by local authorities beforehand and adhere to local guidelines once there. You can find more information here: